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Anni Jakenfelds

It all began with working full-time in the corporate world of Executive Search. After throwing myself fully into the 12-15 hour long work days, the lack of ever taking a lunch break, and using weekends to stay on top of all my workload, I realised that the needs of my mind and body were not being tended to. Little did I know how right I was.


In my mid 20's I was finally diagnosed with multiple chronic autoimmune conditions. At my worst I was not able to walk, let alone work. Enter yoga. What started as a simple bed-based breath-work practice became the start of a new career. I sat at the back of my two year, 200hr RYT yoga teacher training, unable to physically practice but wanting to know more. Once qualified, I found the more therapeutic styles of yoga. This led me into the world of meditation, hypnotherapy, and neuroscience. I began to understand that it could be possible for me to radically change my health for the better. Yet again, little did I know how right I was.

As my health progressed I added more strings to my practitioner bow and qualified as a therapist. The way we can influence our health, change our physiology, via mind-body-breath work is key. I knew I would reach a time where I called myself 'healed'.

Now, as a fully healed individual, I share what I learnt with others in a similar position so that they too can change how they feel for the better from what ails them; be it the early stages of corporate burnout, full blown autoimmune disorders, or all that lies between. Central to my work is my belief that we are all capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.


 BSc (Hons) Dip.FRYOG Dip.NLP Dip.ClinHyp



My path to becoming a leading long-term pain and burnout practitioner, and starting The Integrative Healing Process, is one first-hand, immersive experience. I know what it is like to spend nearly a decade of my life looking for answers, 3-years confined to a bed because my body could not function under the stress and strain any more. I can state that every single service I offer is one that I have first practiced as a student, or used as a client. It was because of the success I found in their offerings that I then went on to qualify as a practitioner myself.


I found that the conventional medical approach to chronic pain and illness can only take a patient so far and, for me, the conventional approach instilled the belief that I had to change my life, to keep my world small, in order to fit in with the little that my body could handle before more-often-than-not failing again. Since becoming an experienced mind-body practitioner I have learnt that this is certainly not the case!


Where conventional medicine finishes, complementary medicine can step up to the plate. The two work together! Complementary practices help forge the bridge between a lifetime of managing symptoms, or living on a high volume of medication, and being the you that you always dreamed you could be. It is my passion to help you achieve that dream.


It is my strong belief and my personal experience that mind/body & body/mind therapies play a vital role in transitioning away from illness and towards optimal health and wellness. 

The Integrative Healing Process


Professional registering organisations ensure all their members are trained, qualified and insured to work with the public. They regulate the minimum standards of accredited courses and screen all members on the standards of their qualifications. In turn, it is expected that members uphold a Code of Ethics and provide evidence of the highest standards of practise and training. By choosing therapists that are approved on an Accredited Register, you know you that the professional standards of the practitioner have been assessed and verified.

Registered Member  -  British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP

Registered Therapist  -  Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

Senior Associate Member  -  The Royal Society of Medicine


At the heart of The Integrative Healing Process sits a vast array of highly effective mind-body-breath practices. Anni is fully qualified, registered and insured to practise every therapeutic speciality offered, as well as every style of movement taught. A DBS check and first aid certificate are up to date. All certification can be available on demand.


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