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Checked the site but have a query? See if I have covered it below. If I haven't, do not hesitate to ask me via phone, email or the message form found on the CONTACT page.


Chances are if you want to know, somebody else does too!


How exactly can you assist me in reaching my health & wellbeing goals?


Working with both the mind and the body, on offer are a variety of options to assist you in alleviating pain and rediscovering your energy:

 - Private 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 Movement & Mindset Classes 

 - Group Movement & Mindset Programmes

 - Clinical NLP & Life Coaching Sessions

 - Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions


Each of these options can also be combined, in any way you need, to provide a unique, tailor-made package that is right for you and the changes you wish to make. This flexible approach means the process will work according to your preferences and your specific goals.



What issues do you have experience working with?


The various services I offer can effectively help in the healing process. Perhaps you want to remove, or significantly reduce, an issue that a conventional approach may be unable to successfully address. These include, but are not limited to:

        - Chronic pain                                                    - Occupational burnout & long-term exhaustion

        - Chronic illness                                                 - Self-esteem and body image

        - Mental illness                                                  - IBS & digestive issues

        - Fears and phobias                                          - Anxiety

        - Stress & insomnia                                           - Confidence



Will I be asleep, or have no control, in a hypnotherapy session?


The concise answer is no you will not be asleep, you will be very much awake and will have complete ability to speak to me and control the session.


Some people hear hypnotherapy and their mind goes to 'stage hypnosis'. Stage hypnotism is a very different kettle of fish and theatricality sits at its heart. In a clinical hypnotherapy session we prepare by relaxing the body and calming the mind, as a tranquil state is the most useful state for making changes. In this relaxed state you will still have absolute control over what you say and do. It is a safe, useful and valid therapeutic tool available to any client who wishes to use it.


What if I'm not flexible enough to do yoga poses or movement classes?


I once read a quote that stated 'Saying you are not flexible enough to practise yoga is like saying you are too dirty to shower.' In essence, those that think yoga or mobility work isn't for them are likely to be the ones most in need of it.


There are many different styles of movement, as well as variations within each pose, to accommodate almost all levels of client.


What should I wear to a class? 


Whether you are coming for a personal training session, or a yoga class, then comfortable clothing that allows movement is key, as are layers. Clothes can be loose or fitted but make sure you can move freely. I recommend leggings or yoga trousers for ladies and shorts or tracksuit bottoms for gents. T-shirts and tops can be close fitting, or tucked in if loose, so that they don't get in the way.


Bring socks and a sweater for relaxation but be prepared to take them off for the active parts of the class as we do yoga barefoot and can get quite warm as we move. It is worth noting that zippers and buttons can be awkward to sit or lie on.


All other sessions simply require you to be comfortable in a seated position.



What do I need to bring to a physical class? Do I need to buy a whole load of equipment?


Only if you want to!


I have mats, blocks, blankets, bolsters, belts, weights (etc) here for you to use. As you progress you may feel more comfortable with your own equipment, but it is not essential to buy anything for your first few sessions. Sometimes it is nicer to discover exactly what you prefer to use before spending any money. However, if you have equipment that you want to bring please feel free to do so. 


All I require you to bring is a willing mind and body...and perhaps a bottle of water. I also recommend not eating a main meal before coming. A light snack about 30-60 minutes before class should be ideal. 



Do you offer a spiritual or physical practice?


In its entirety, yoga and meditation covers both physical and spiritual elements; not to be mistaken to mean it is a religious practice. The philosophy of yoga, meditation and mindfulness does have a spiritual foundation; as much, or as little, of this can be integrated into a class to meet your individual needs. 


In the West we have adapted the physical postures of yoga to be a form of exercise in their own right. Yet, by including 'why we move' with 'how we move' we have a means to make the experience far more significant.


Honestly, your movement practice can be whatever you want it to be. There is a style out there for everyone; your preference may change over time. 



I have a health concern. Can you accommodate me?


Working with health concerns is at the heart of what I do. My journey to this moment in time has been subject to its own health hiccups. As a result I am strongly focused on the therapeutic benefits of all the services I provide, for all levels of user. I will need to be aware of any issue in order to address it, but in most cases I cannot see why it should stop you practising a physically-based process. It is also exactly why I offer the mind/body therapies that I do, they are a valid and effective tool at addressing any issue you may present.


In some cases, I may ask you to inform your GP that you are starting a physically based class, such as yoga or rehabilitation training, as they are privy to far more information regarding your physical health than I can be. 



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