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Do not believe that the fatigue you are suffering with is 'all in your head'.


If it exists in the mind, it will have found a place to call home in the body. You may know this as back pain, teeth grinding, digestive issues, or some other source of pain and discomfort. These issues are simply ways your body is asking for a change in your behaviour; these issues also deserve support if you wish to move away from burnout and enjoy abundant energy.


These tailored programmes integrate clinical therapy with therapeutic movement.


Allow yourself an opportunity to develop both the quality of your mental and physical activity under the guidance of a highly qualified practitioner, coach and therapist. Where it is right, nutritional therapy and body-work may also be included within a programme.

Your physical, mental and emotional health all matter. Together they are worthy of your complete attention. Let me help you learn how to do that with ease and grace.



This completely customised approach to integrating a mental wellness, physical fitness and personal development training into one professionally tailored service puts you and your holistic needs entirely at the centre. At the heart of this work is putting the 'mind' back into your mind-body practice so that the quality of your sleep, the consistency of your energy, your physical comfort and your emotional resilience can all benefit.

Included are:

  • In-person, or Skype based, 1:1 clinical 'mindset' appointments

  • In-person, or Skype based, 1:1 therapeutic 'movement' appointments

  • 1:1 coaching calls

  • Access to at-home online support for programme duration

  • Equipment to use and keep


Work Desk


Wednesday - 7:30-8:45pm

These introduce key elements of my clinical therapy work to assist you in moving forward towards your wellness goals.

Together we: 

 - clarify your intentions

 - identify limiting beliefs or parts that may be resistant to your desired outcome

 - ensure that your thoughts, motivations, and your actions are aligned

 - provide simple techniques to help you overcome any self-sabotage tendencies 

Laptop Typing on Bed



Wednesday - 12:30-1:45pm

A complete video and audio collection to support you at home and ensure your needs can always be met.


Provided is a combination of:

- short videos (2-6 minutes) explaining individual movements

- long videos (15-30 minutes) guiding you through a complete practice

- audio-only meditations and breathing exercises, perfect for before bed or one the commute



Tuesday - 7:30-8:45pm

Not everyone has a fully stocked studio at their disposal, but that shouldn't stop you developing a regular movement and meditation practice at home.


In addition to the at-home support, any necessary equipment to aid your home practice is also provided for you to use throughout your programme, and to keep for use after your programme is complete. 

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