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Long-term ill health, and persistent symptoms of pain and fatigue, can often allow us to feel utterly isolated and lacking hope of a better future.


If that is at all similar to how you are feeling, then I hope you find what you need to hear from the truly inspirational ladies and gentlemen who took the time to share their experiences below.



Nanny, Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Teacher


Meet Charlotte and hear how she said goodbye to suffering with fibromyalgia and anxiety...


Therapist & Children's Creative Arts Teacher

Meet Katie and listen to her experience of saying goodbye to M.E. and chronic pain...



Bartender & Animal Care & Welfare Student


Meet Hannah and hear what saying goodbye to M.E. and fibromyalgia has meant to her... 


Although I mostly work with women, learning how to gain better physical and mental health is vital for both genders!



Sports Massage Therapist, Sports Rehabilitation Student & Ex-British Army Personnel

Meet Jay and learn what alleviating anxiety has allowed him to access going forward in life...



'When I first discovered Anni nearly 2 years ago,  I was depressed and stressed due to a busy, corporate job. I had never heard of Restorative Yoga and was tentative, as I'm not a huge Yoga fan.  Long story short, joining Anni's class was without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Anni is simply one of a kind. One of life's incredible people.  I entered that first session going through a break up, buying a home, working a stressful job, teetering on the edge of breaking.  I left in tears of relief, as for that 1 hour, none of the things that wore so heavily existed.  For that hour I learned I was in the hands of someone that was compassionate, caring beyond words and knew exactly how to channel the session to cater for what I needed.  I learned to let go of what I was holding in the perfect, relaxing and supportive environment.  Anni relieved my back issues and stomach pains from a long standing ulcer in 1 session. I have no idea hows she does it, but she does.  I Invited my partner along, and now he is benefitting from Anni's guidance too.


If you are in doubt or on the fence, don't be. Do know that you will be in the best, most caring hands and you will be meeting one of life's true greats. 


Start now.' 


- Amy (Nutritionist) 

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