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Through the Integrative Healing Process's 3-step system we will:

   1. EXPLORE your current situation and what you wish to address in your clinical sessions. 

   2. TREAT the issues in a bespoke approach, tailored entirely to your personal needs.

   3. TRANSCEND your previously held limitations, so that you can exceed even your own expectations

Clinical appointments are currently held in person, or via Skype.


For so many, long-term pain and fatigue co-exist and continually feed each other. It is essential to find a way to break the cycle.


This connection between pain and fatigue could be due to an autoimmune condition (arthritis, fibromyalgia, M.E., etc) or there may be other factors at play draining your energy. 

Suggested 6-8 sessions to assess the condition, reduce inflammation, create comfort in your body, and develop a restorative sleep practice so that you can awake refreshed and energised.


Stress is something we all face on a daily basis; it may be work-related, relationship based, short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic) in nature. 


Learning how to appropriately respond or intervene to the type, intensity and longevity of  stress will likely dictate the quality of your health and enjoyment of your life.

Suggested 6-8 sessions to assess the condition, teach you how to relax your body, release held tension, and calm your mind to improve sleep quality and help you trust letting go.


Anxiety can present itself as worrisome thoughts, distressing emotions, physical sensations, or a combination of all three. 


Do you often find yourself avoiding situations or ruminating about what will happen next? Perhaps you already recognise the symptoms; the tight chest, the pounding heart, the fearful feelings.

Suggested 4-6 sessions to assess the condition, train your breath, and show you how to move out of your head so that you can finally let your body feel at ease again.


Heights, needles, flying, spiders and snakes, public speaking, or trips to the dentist... 


There are many fears or phobias that are common place in society. Often connected to times of stress, painful memories, or traumatic events, they can be exhausting to experience and have the power to affect the quality of peoples day-to-day lives. 


Suggested 1-3 sessions to assess the condition, remove the existing phobic response and move you to feeling ever more confident and calm in any situation you choose. 


How can you ever experience happiness, or success, with standards set so high that they can never be met? 


The highly critical self-evaluation that accompanies perfectionism can, with time, lend itself to compulsive behaviours or disordered eating habits. Learn to address now!

Suggested 6-8 sessions to assess the condition, teach you how to be kinder and gentler with yourself, and continue to support you in your progress.


If a low mood does not pass with time, then it can be helpful to talk and to let yourself receive support. 


There may have been a past event or experience that initiated these feelings, but it is also possible to feel this way without an obvious reason. Either way, you are not alone. 

Suggested 6-8 sessions to assess the condition, improve your energy, develop your self-esteem, and restore your interest in participating fully in your life.

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